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The Great New Zealand Bread Bake Off 2018 Entries now Closed!



The Farmers Mill Great NZ Bread Bake-Off was created with the intention of seeking out and awarding the best bread bakers in New Zealand.

Since 2013 Farmers Mill have operated New Zealands only grower owned and operated flour mill, these growers are not only passionate about the wheat they grow and mill, but of the whole paddock to plate story. They love nothing more than seeing the products that bakers craft from their 100% NZ grown and milled wheat flour. 

From this home-grown passion, the 'Farmers Mill Great New Zealand Bread Bake Off' was born.

Through the Great New Zealand Bread Bake off - Farmers Mill invites the best bakers in New Zealand to bring the best bread in the country to the table for judging!

Winners are well rewarded for their efforts with winning bakers and bakeries receiving free media coverage in SLICE Magazine, industry recognition, signed framed certificates and grand prize for the Live Bake-off Supreme Winner of $1000 cash and a $4000 account credit with Farmers Mill Ltd., for the winning Commercial Bakery. Terms & Conditions Apply

Here’s the key dates for the 2018 competition. 

Key Dates

  • Monday 10 September - Entries close.
  • Thursday 20 September  - Static Competition judging.
  • Friday 21 September - LIVE Bake Off final contestants announced.
  • Thursday 04 October  - LIVE Bake Off event and awards dinner.


How to enter


The competition includes two opportunities to win; the Static Competition, where contestants bake a bread(s) for the categories stipulated in the static competition rules and courier it to our judging venue; and the Live Bake Off, where nine contestants will bake head-to-head at Ara Institute in Christchurch. Terms & Conditions Apply

Static Competition 

Contestants may choose to submit a bread from any or all of the following SEVEN International categories; France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Holland and Switzerland and courier their best to ;
GNZBBO, West View Lounge, Hornby WMC, 17 Carmen Road, Hornby, Christchurch 8042.
You may enter a bread into each of the seven International categories. However - only one entry per category is permitted. Contestants must work for a commercial bakery.

All Breads entered in the Static Bake-off must meet the following criteria:

Denmark - Rye Bread (Rugbrød) Brief: Present 1 Danish style Rye loaf with a maximum weight of 800g.

France - Baguette. Brief: Present 1 French style Baguette with a maximum weight of 400g.

Germany - Pretzels (Brezel). Brief: Present 6 items using a laugen (lye) dip. Produce 3 traditional pretzels and 3 of one other shape of your choice, a maximum weight of 150g each.

Holland - Stollen. Brief: Present 1 Dutch style Stollen with a maximum weight of 800g.

Italy - Ciabatta. Brief: Present 1 Italian style Ciabatta with a maximum weight of 700g.

New Zealand - Rewena bread. Brief: Present 1 NZ style Rewena loaf with a maximum weight of 700g.

Switzerland - Zopf. Brief: Present 1 Swiss-style Zopf loaf with a maximum weight of 700g.


To enter the Static Competition (Entry now closed) - Fill out the entry form, or if you prefer to enter by mail, you can download our entry form and send it to Farmers Mill PO Box 2067, Washdyke, 7941, Timaru.

After entering online you will be sent a link to a PDF entry form to print. Attach one entry form per bread and courier it to us between 19th of September and no later than 10:30 am on the 20th of September 2018.

LIVE Bake Off 

Farmers Mill will select nine entrants to compete in a live bake-off in Christchurch on the 4th of October. Entrants will choose their favourite bread recipe and bake it within a time limit on the day.

Farmers Mill provide a limited selection of wheat based baking ingredients & tools on the day. Bread must be baked using Farmers Mill Flour. Please refer to the competition guidelines.

To enter the LIVE Bake Off - Fill out the entry form. Or if you prefer to enter by mail, you can download our entry form and send it to Farmers Mill Ltd. PO Box 2067, Washdyke, 7941, Timaru.

Farmers Mill will select and inform the lucky contestants. Contestants must work for a commercial bakery.
All entries must be received no later than 5 pm on September 10th.

Judging criteria

Your bread will be reviewed by a panel of industry experts. Judging criteria for both stages will include a number of factors, such as flavour, crust colour, structure/crumb, shaping/moulding, volume/general appearance, technical difficulty, originality and aroma.

Terms & Conditions

Click here for our full Terms & Conditions



All winners receive:

  • A signed and framed certificate.
  • Industry recognition.
  • Media coverage in SLICE Magazine.

Static Competition

The winner of each category will receive a pallet of Farmers Mill Summit Flour and an invitation to attend the awards dinner in Christchurch. Additionally, an overall winner will be selected for the Static Competition and they will receive the International Bread Trophy. It is possible for a contestant to win more than one category.

LIVE Bake Off

The winner of this event will receive a prize of $1,000 cash and a $4,000 Account Credit with Farmers Mill Lt., as well as the 2018 Great NZ Bread Bake Off Trophy and (local) marketing and media coverage for their bakery. Media will be at a fair level and at the discretion of Farmers Mill Limited.

The awards dinner will be held on the 4th of October at Visions Restaurant at Ara Institute.