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  Size Description Gluten Free Dairy Free Nut Free
Bagged Flour
Summit Premium High Grade Flour 5.0kg Premium high grade bakers flour, suitable for all general purpose baking. No Yes Yes
Pioneer Spray Free Flour 20.0kg Premium high grade bakers flour, suitable for all general purpose baking. Produced with Spray Free Wheat. No Yes Yes
Summit Premium All Purpose Bakers Flour 20.0kg Premium high grade bakers flour, suitable for all general purpose baking. No Yes Yes
Titan Strong Bakers Flour 20.0kg High protein, strong bakers flour, specifically designed for high hydration artisan style bread dough's. No Yes Yes
Mitre Wholemeal Flour 20.0kg 100% pure wholemeal flour, providing a natural high fibre content, ideal for all wholemeal flour applications. No Yes Yes
Terra Rye Flour 20.0kg 100% rye flour milled with NZ rye corn, suitable for all rye flour applications. No Yes Yes
Ohau Biscuit Flour 20.0kg Soft flour, specifically designed for biscuits, wafers, ice cream cones and short / sweet pastry. No Yes Yes
Alpine Pastry Flour 20.0kg A versatile, robust flour designed to produce bread, general baking and pastry products alike. No Yes Yes
Stratos Premium Pastry Flour 20.0kg Specialised streamed pastry flour designed to produce all premium, high quality pastry products, noodles and wontons. No Yes Yes
Opihi Fine Semolina 20.0kg Fine grade semolina used for dusting breads, small goods binder, and pasta production. No Yes Yes
Purple Wholemeal Flour 20.0kg 100% Pure wholemeal flour, milled from NZ Grown Purple wheat. No Yes Yes
Brioche Mix 15.0kg Specifically formulated to produce a sweet and soft crumbed European style brioche with a golden crust. Simple and convenient to use, just add water, yeast and unsalted butter. No No Yes
Banana Bread Mix 12.5kg Simple to use mix, producing popular cafe style banana bread. Can also be used as a base mix for products such as pear/raspberry loaf, and coffee, caramel and walnut loaves. No No Yes
Mud cake and Brownie Mix 12.5kg Premium mud cake and chocolate brownie mix. Produces delicious chocolate cakes. No No Yes
Premium Sponge Mix 15.0kg An extremely high quality, complete sponge mix which produces good volume and light, fine textured sponge products. No aritfical colours or flavours. No No Yes
Gluten Free
Classic Bread Mix 15.0kg A versatile, simple to use deposited style mix, that requires the addition of water. For gluten free breads, pizza bases and gluten free square loaf or high tin classic loaf. Yes Yes Yes
Premium Crusty Bread Mix 15.0kg The most versatile gluten free product on the market. Produces crusty bread, pizza bases, puff pastry, pie tops/bottoms, donuts, and brioche. Yes Yes Yes
Mud cake Mix 15.0kg This mix produces fantastic gluten free mud cakes every time. With a moist and unique chocolate flavour profile. Simple, delicious, gluten free mud cake. You won't pick that it's gluten free. Yes Yes Yes
Baking Ingredients
Rimu - Bran 20.0kg Natural bran for all purpose baking. No Yes Yes
Premium Dried Yeast 10.0kg Premium dry yeast manufactured in France. Suitable for lean dough's. Yes Yes Yes
Deluxe Improver 1% 15.0kg Specially formulated for the production of a wide variety of breads including white, wholemeal, multigrain, rolls and sweet doughs. No Yes Yes
Maxi Improver 1% 15.0kg All purpose improver, formulated for the production of a wide range of breads. The benefits include increased volume and extra softness. No Yes Yes
Artisan Mix Bread Conc. 5% 15.0kg A concentrate created specially for European style Vienna's, baguettes, cobs and rolls. No Yes Yes
Vital Gluten 25.0kg A fine protein rich powder produced from wheat and recommended to improve elasticity of the dough. Particularly effective when baking with low protein flour. No Yes Yes