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Runner Up - Live Bakeoff

Michael Kloeg from Clareville Bakery

Michael Kloeg from Clareville Bakery and his stunning Miche (Wholemeal Sourdough). 20 hour old frement (18c) levain mixed into a blend of Farmers Mill Summit, Terra and Mitre flours, with a smattering of cumin and fennel seeds. This loaf is hand mixed and developed through a series of gentle folds. Baked to a deep caramelsied colour for maximum flavour, this loaf is delicious served with sea salt crystals butter and a good blackberry jam.

Champion of Champions - Static Bakeoff

Copenhagen Bakery

The bakers from Copenhagen Bakery in Christchurch who won the German Category and runner up in both France and Denmark. They demonstrated a high quality of product across all categories.


Lex Roh from Bohemian Bakery in Christchurch

Bohemian Sourdough Bread - One of typical Czech bread, It is Organic Rye flour starter and ground caraway seed. We use a lot of water for the bread so you can feel the moist inner of the bread.

Kristian Thomsen from Copenhagen Bakery in Christchurch

Rustic Rye Sour Fruit Cobb with figs, walnuts, dates, sultanas and apricots 33% Rye Sour with 66% Italian Dough

Ryan Simmons from Volare Hamilton

Beer and BBQ Sourdough - Utilizing the leftover spent grain from Good George Pilsners, a portion has been smoked over plum wood for 6 hours then incorporated into a dough with the addition of the pilsner beer itself, sharp cheddar and rosemary it creates a naturally sweet, malty, nutty loaf with a hit of savoury smoke good enough to be eaten on its own.

Olaf Blanke from Olafs Artisan Bakery Cafe in Auckland

Raspberry and Balsamic Sourdough 6 hours of fermentation made with 100% Fruit, no added sugar plus a burst of Balsamic vinegar

Max Fuhrer from Arobake in Wellington

Peppered mash potato sourdough with a hint of thyme koru topped 25% potato

Richard Waite from The Crafted and Co in Palmerston North

Superfood Picnic loaf - Combining fruits, goji, blueberry and cranberry and throwing in a healthy dose of toasted pistachios. This loaf uses an overnight ferment leavened with a rye starter. The dough is plaited together then topped with toasted chia and a mix of quinoa

Sam Ellis from Grizzly bagel Company in Christchurch

Triple Marbled Rye - three separate doughs fermented with 100% Sourdough levain Pioneer white wheat sourdough with sesame. Country wholemeal sourdough with kawakawa and flaxseed. Dark rye sourdough with 2 stage rye leavain and roasted malt.

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